Everybody wears Jeans

Jeans represent democracy in fashion. Giorgio Armani

Why jeans

Hello to everyone, I’m Nina, a second-year student at Bocconi University in Milan. This term I’m attending a design class. We have to run a blog about a specific theme and after thinking and thinking about it, an idea came to my mind: JEANS! I looked around me and I saw almost everyone wearing jeans, skinny, jeggings or bootcut jeans.. but the thing in common was that they were all jeans!

Why jeans? Well, I thought that would be interesting to write about a thing that everybody has, but maybe just a few knows the origins and how this everyday item is made! And another important thing: I love jeans! I’m wondering just who doesn’t?!? Jeans are perfect for any occasion, for a trendy night in a disco or to go to university! They are comfortable, sexy and so cool! And the nice thing about jeans is the fact that everyone can wears them: no one is too old or too young, neither too fat or too thin! In my blog I’ll talk about everything connected with jeans, but I’ll try to focus on the relationships among the different subjects involved in the process according to what we have said during design classes. In fact I will try to use the division among what can be related to the single, to a small group, to a bigger one or to everyone.

Any type of comment is welcomed!



  paolina wrote @

true! I completely agree with you, jeans are present in everyone’s life! young or old people, fashion victims or not, poor or rich people, who doesn’t have at least 1pair of jeans?! like the charme of marylin monroe, or chaplin’s film,
also after a hundred years …jeans will be always original!
i’m curiouse to read ahead your blog, after this interesting beginning

  teresa wrote @

i think that jeans will never die, they will be an eternal fashion .Began with Levi Strauss in New York, to be used as work clothes and became nowadays not only like a suit for work, for leisure, or for fashion but a true lifestyle!
I adore denims ! and I find that your site very interesting
good job !

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