Everybody wears Jeans

Jeans represent democracy in fashion. Giorgio Armani

Archive for Different Styles

Here are some more jeans styles! Some of them are really similar one to another, instead some of them are very particular! Maybe some are more trendy nowadays.. but for one thing we can be always sure: jeans are never gonna be out of fashion, whatever is its style!!!

Boyfriend Jeans
They are the style that everyone is wanting getting their hands on… They look best when worn with casually with sandals or for an edgier look whack on some heels.

Flare Jeans
The most flattering flares will sit very firmly around the waist and bottom and the very top of the thigh and then widen quite dramatically to the floor. The leg opening should be anywhere between 22” and 30”. If you have the height, flares can be worn with flats but they look best with chunky wedges or heels. Hems should always just clear the ground.

Wide Leg Jeans
The Wide Leg is a slightly more relaxed and perhaps sophisticated sister to the flare. It should be fitted through the waist, slim over the hips and then wide to the floor. Like the flare, hems should just clear the floor.

Bell Bottom Jeans
For years we all chortled at photographs of hippies until fashion bought us back full circle for our own chance to discover the sexy silhouette of the Bellbottom. Skimming over the bottom and hips and tight to the knee the leg then flares dramatically out to circumnavigate the shoe. With so much volume below the knee and everything pulled in up the top, the bellbottom can’t help but shrink you down one size.

High Waisted Jeans
The High Waisted can be applied to any leg shape and this style works for everyone except those with a very short waist. A high waisted style will elongate the leg, hold in your stomach, straighten the back and improve posture. The muffin stall is now closed.

Cropped Jeans
Cropped jeans are perfect all year round, whether you are wearing sandals on summer or tucking your jeans into boots in winter. Note that cropped jeans come in either 7/8’s length which is just above the ankle or capri length which is mid-calf.


Some Popular Styles

As we know exist a lot of different styles of jeans. Some of them are better for a group of person, some of them for another group of person. Everyone has his favourite style and maybe one that really hates!
Let me show you some of the most popular jeans styles 😉

Skinny Jeans
Skinny styles are fitted through the leg from the very top of the thigh to the ankle (and perhaps beyond). Often with skinny fits it is good to have a couple of extra inches in length to create an ankle ruffle which looks amazing with heels. In the case of a cropped style this should finish neatly at the ankle for wearing with ballet flats or tucking neatly into boots. A higher composition of stretch is better for skinny styles to give a tight silhouette.

Denim leggings are a recent addition to the denim family. Very soft and supple they are generally more solid in colour, and look great with heels or tucked into boots. Leggings work well for people who have traditionally eschewed jeans, worrying that they will be stiff and uncomfortable to wear.

Straight Leg Jeans
Straight styles are fitted from the top of the thigh and fall straight from the knee. An easy way to check this is to fold the jean back on itself from the ankle to the knee; the hem width will be the same as the knee width. Straight legs are a great choice to wear with flats and heels. To ensure you have the perfect length for flats try the jeans in bare feet. If the hem just scraps the floor you’re in business. When wearing with heels you want a small break at the front of your foot with the jean ending approximately half way down your heel.

Cigarette Leg Jeans
The elegant cigarette leg sits neatly between the skinny and straight styles. It is leaner in the leg than the straight and easier to wear than the skinny. It is a wise wardrobe choice as it is possibly the most leg lengthening of the skinny/straight cuts. Versatile when choosing shoe height, it can be used with equal success amongst most shoe styles.

Bootcut Jeans
A classic style universally known for being endlessly flattering and easy to wear. A bootcut will gently widen from below the knee to fall just beyond the bridge of your foot. The style is called bootcut as it is best employed to cover the shape of a boot. Bootcut styles flatter lots of figures, not just curvy girls for which they are well-known to balance the hips. Some bootcuts are more exaggerated and this style is called a kick-flare. This usually has a leg opening about an inch wider than a standard bootcut.

Distressed Jeans
Rips, slashes, holes, tie-dyed we love them all. It is all about having your jeans look like you have owned them since the 80’s.